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New Model Sneak Preview Below:


We named it Screecher for a reason. 0-15 mph in 5 seconds means fun for the rider.   Whether it is the whirl of the electric motors as you rocket from a stop sign or the other-worldly reverberation of the regenerative brakes, Screecher offers a travel experience unlike anything you've ever ridden, driven, or pedaled before.


Sure, Screecher is fun to ride, but it's also practical.  With room for 2 passengers, you can hop on with a friend, commute to work, or bring your groceries home in a trailer.  Whether running errands, visiting a neighbor, or "Screeching" simply for the pleasure of it, Screecher will change how you move around and experience the world.


The Screecher is a bio-electric hybrid, with pedal-assist and solar recharging.  You may purchase a Screecher because it's fun, practical, and affordable, but you'll also appreciate the carbon-neutral footprint.  Screecher is both a better way to move around and better for the planet we all call home.   Prepare yourself for the shout-outs of approval and thumbs-up from total strangers! 


Our goal was to solve a particular problem:  The lack of affordable, electric-powered, carbon-neutral transportation. We did not set out to build an expensive and over-engineered product, available to only a few.  The design and engineering are elegant, functional, and simple. The result is a fun, practical, green, and affordable form of transportation. 


Patents Pending
Solar-electric Power

12.8ah 48V lithium ion battery. ~6 hour solar recharge time (or plug it in).  Regenerative braking.  Two 350W  electric motors.

Pedal-Assist System

Screecher is powered by a combination of electric and/or human power.  Select varying levels of power assist (0-5).

Great Performance

0-15 MPH in 5 Seconds.  4-wheel drive posi-traction with differential front and rear.   Cruise control.  


Seats two people, plus room for cargo.  Attach and tow supplies or even small boats.  


Screecher can fold in half and fit in the back of cars with adequate capacity.  Also a great way to carry it on your RV.


Up to 20 miles at average speed on a single charge with no pedaling.  Go further with Pedal Assist .  


The most common response? "That was fun!"

I didn't expect it to be so fast.  The acceleration was amazing.  It was a lot of fun to drive/ride (and pedal too).  I use it to visit my friends a few miles down the road.  I also attached our child tow behind, and my son really enjoyed it.  

The Screecher is fun, but I also find it useful.  It was a blast to ride (just like all the other reviews I read),  but I attached a small trailer and use it to run errands and go grocery shopping.  I also attached a basket to the back for carrying my laptop and gear when I zip over to the coffee shop.

There is something so easy and enjoyable about just jumping on and riding a Screecher (aka "Screeching", as I call it).  I love it.  It is sooo quiet and peaceful to ride too.  And pollution free is a nice bonus.