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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a Screecher Pedalcycle

Product Specifications & Information

What are the key technical specifications and dimensions of the Screecher Pedalcycle?

Does the solar roof easily detach and fold?

Do I have to pedal to engage the electric motors?

Are there foot pegs and handles for a rear passenger?

Will Screecher re-charge on a cloudy day?

In addition to the roof and windshield, do you plan to add any additional rain protection or siding to Screecher?

Can I remove the battery and plug it in to recharge a Screecher?

How well does Screecher perform going up hills? What about going up a hill on a dirt or gravel road?

What material is used to make the Screecher frame?

I don’t see shock absorbers, yet in the video I see the Screecher riding on and off road. Is there any sort of suspension on the Screecher?

Where are the electric motors? It’s not clear from the photos.


Is Screecher street-legal where I live? Do I need a driver’s license to operate a Screecher?

Do I need to wear a helmet to ride a Screecher?

Commercial Information

Is the Screecher Pedalcycle your only product?

What are the markets and practical uses envisioned for Screecher?

Is this a kick-starter project, where you’re waiting to get enough interest before you start building and selling Screechers?

What about accessories such as headlights, taillights, blinkers, cup holders, cargo containers, and smartphone attachments?


Is Screecher available in my country?

When will Screecher be available?