Press Release - The World’s First Affordable Carbon-Neutral Transportation Released

Screecher pedalcycle swoops in to the EV market with an innovative 4-wheel drive, bio-hybrid e-bike powered by sunshine. 

Yarmouth, Maine - Fun, affordable, practical, and earth-friendly, the Screecher pedalcycle fills a critical gap in the global marketplace.  Perched between an e-bike and a low speed electric vehicle (LSEV), Screecher is the solution to sky-rocketing global demand for affordable and clean transportation.  

According to an article in Cycling Industry News, there were an estimated 35 million e-bikes sold in 2016.  In 2023, annual sales are projected to rise to 40 million units at a value of $24.3 billion, with a total of 2 billion pedal-assist bikes in circulation by 2050.  Similarly, sales of LSEVs are sky-rocketing with 1.75 million units sold in China in 2017.  General Motors announced plans to sell two e-bike models starting in 2019 to tap into this expanding market.  Ford, BMW, and Toyota are also actively designing e-bike models.

“Our goal was to solve a particular problem:  The lack of affordable, electric-powered, carbon-neutral transportation. We did not set out to build an expensive and over-engineered product, available to only a few.  Our design is elegant, functional, and simple, which offers greater stability, comfort, and easier maintenance.”,  said Leslie Gillert, President and Head of Engineering at

Screecher is a four-wheel drive, solar-electric bio-hybrid, powered by twin 350-watt electric motors and a 12.8ah 48V battery.  Riders enjoy 5 levels of pedal-assist and can ride up to ~20 miles with no pedaling at all.  Solar cell roof recharging, regenerative brakes, cruise control, comfortable seating for 2 plus cargo, towing capacity, a quiet ride, and quick acceleration offer a unique combination of value, practicality, and fun.  These qualities also offer an exceptionally unique experience for riders.  

“I see a significant market for Screecher in the growing market for recreation and last-mile electric transportation here in North America and the hyper-growth economies of Asia”, said Dave Eshelman, CEO of “Products that are similar to Screecher often cost $10,000 - $15,000, making them unobtainable and impractical for most potential buyers.  At a price point of $2500, Screecher is set to be a major market disruptor.”

Positive customer reaction has been nearly universal.  “The first time I rode a Screecher, I was surprised how quickly it accelerated.  As I rode around town, the experience offered the freedom of bicycling, the convenience of a scooter, but with the comfort and practicality of a car.  I’ve never seen or ridden anything like it” said Len Saulter of Freeport, Maine.

Screecher is available for sale at

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