What's in a Name?

Like a Screech Owl, Screecher is a quiet, quick, and beautiful creation. Screech Owls are also wise, clear-eyed, and fearlessly looking towards the future.  Designing and building beautiful, fearlessly practical, and forward-looking electric transportation is our passion.  

Our first product release is Screecher, an elegant and functional solar-electric pedalcycle that includes 5 levels of pedal assist, seating for two, and surprising torque that makes it fun to ride.  Affordable and carbon neutral are not often used to describe the same product.  Tesla, Karma Automotive, and others entered the market with premium-priced luxury products.  There is no denying their inspiring designs and performance.  I'd be happy to own one myself.  Yet to tackle global challenges related to air pollution, climate, and political instability in energy-rich areas, we need solar-electric transportation solutions of all sizes and shapes, that are accessible to large segments of the population.  

Like the Screech Owl, we fearlessly face the horizon, and swoop into your life and heart, in a way that will make you wonder how you ever lived without Screecher.  You could even say we're quietly "screeching" to the world, the urgent need to incorporate clean and practical "last mile" transportation options into our lives and communities.  

This I can promise you: The instant the twin electric motors engage and propel you forward, you'll understand why everyone who tries Screecher, wants Screecher.  You can pedal for miles including steep hills, even if you're not quite as fit as a younger you.  You can commute to work, by-passing traffic and hassles.  You can go with a friend on a wooded trail, and converse without noise pollution.  You can dash to the grocery store and attach a small trailer to bring home the goods.  How you use your Screecher is entirely up to you.   These are but a few of the experiences that are unique to this memorably named contraption we call Screecher.  

Happy Screeching,

Dave Eshelman 



May 15, 2019 • Posted by Eileen Cooper

I totally agree with your mission statement

Oct 17, 2018 • Posted by Michele

Well done. A new trajectory – brave and arresting.

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