SCREECHER™ Pedalcycle Shipped Version

SCREECHER™ Pedalcycle Shipped Version

SCREECHER™ Pedalcycle Shipped Version


The SCREECHER pedalcycle is a an innovative electric, bio-hybrid form of transportation that can recharge itself from sunshine. It represents a new way to move around and experience the world. Whether whirring through a quiet country road, or passing traffic on a busy city street, the convenience, enjoyment, and utility of "Screeching" quickly becomes something you can't live without.  

When you ride your new SCREECHER, prepare yourself for the many drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians who will spontaneously give you the thumbs up, shout approval, or ask questions. And you'll hear the shout-outs because Screecher is very quiet.  

The SCREECHER is also social.  In the neighborhoods surrounding our research and development facility, an authentic community of interest has evolved. People are meeting and forming bonds as a direct result of the "Screecher Effect".  Experience long rides on roads or trails, while engaging in meaningful conversation with your passenger or other riders...the quiet ride is part of what makes Screeching such an exceptional experience. 

  • One 12.8ah 48V lithium ion battery
  • 2 x 350W motors (500W peak)
  • 100W Solar Panel
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Safety flag
  • One windshield (removable)
  • LCD Display (Odometer, pedal assist levels, cruise control, speedometer, battery charge level)
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Parking brake
Dimensions & Weight

~130 lbs / 54 kg

32" wide x 70" long x 62" tall (Travel Size)

32" wide x 28" long x 40" tall (Folded Size)

Shipping Info

Screecher folds in half for easy shipping and storage.  Your Screecher will arrive mostly assembled.  All you have to do is unfold it, engage the safety pin, insert the battery, and attach the solar roof and you're ready for action.  15 minutes of effort.   


Kimberly - Portland Maine


"I didn't expect it to be so fast.  The acceleration was amazing.  It was a lot of fun to drive/ride (and pedal too).  I use it to visit my friends a few miles down the road.  I also attached our child tow behind, and my son really enjoyed it."  


Gerald - Asheville, NC

The Screecher is fun, but I also find it useful.  It was a blast to ride (just like all the other reviews I read),  but I attached a small trailer and use it to run errands and go grocery shopping.  I also attached a basket to the back for carrying my laptop and gear when I zip over to the coffee shop.


Toby - Boston, MA

There is something so easy and enjoyable about just jumping on and riding a Screecher (aka "Screeching", as I call it).  I love it.  It is sooo quiet and peaceful to ride too.  And pollution free is a nice bonus.