We are a committed team of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers, passionate about light-weight, solar-charged, and affordable electric and electric-bio-hybrid forms of transportation.  Formed around the proposition that affordable, carbon-neutral, and practical transportation options are needed in the market, the release of Screecher is the first in a line of planned products built around these principles.  

The Screecher product born from these design principles, materialized a number of unexpected rider benefits too.  Joy. Community. New friendships. Personal freedom. Exhilaration. Exploration. Convenience.  Utility.  These are to name but a few of the common experiences described by people who ride Screechers.  We sincerely believe that our products have the power to change the way our customers experience travel, the world around them, and the community in which they live.  Screecher accelerates the world forward.   

Screecher Global Headquarters

Eartha Building Annex
2 DeLorme Drive
Yarmouth, ME. 04096