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Our Story:

We are a committed team of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers, passionate about light-weight, solar-charged, and affordable electric and electric-bio-hybrid forms of transportation.  Formed around the proposition that affordable, carbon-neutral, and practical transportation options are needed in the market, the release of Screecher is the first in a line of planned products built around those principles. 

The Screecher product born from these design principles, materialized a number of unexpected rider benefits too.  Joy. Community. New friendships. Personal freedom. Exhilaration. Exploration. Convenience.  Utility.  These are but a few of the common experiences described by people who ride Screechers.  We sincerely believe that our products have the power to change the way our customers experience travel, the world around them, and the community in which they live.  Screecher accelerates the world forward.   

 Press Releases:

The World's First Affordable, Carbon-neutral, Transportation Released Screecher swoops in to the EV market with an innovative electric bio-hybrid powered by sunshine. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Screecher Pedalcycle?

The Screecher Pedalcycle is a 4-wheel electric form of transportation that allows a rider to pedal and/or receive assistance from 2 electric motors.  In the current marketplace it sits somewhere between an e-bike and a low speed electric vehicle (LSEV).


2. What are the key technical details of the Screecher Pedalcycle?
  • Solar-electric Power - 12.8ah 48V lithium ion battery. ~6 hour solar recharge time (or plug it in).  Regenerative braking.  Two 350W electric motors.
  • Pedal Assist (PAS) - Screecher is powered by a combination of electric and/or human power.  Select varying levels of power assist (0-5).
  • Range - Up to 20 miles at average speed on a single charge with no pedaling.  Go further with Pedal Assist.  
  • Performance - 0-15 MPH in 5 Seconds.  4-wheel drive posi-traction with differential front and rear.   Cruise control.  
  • Utility - Seats two people, plus room for cargo.  Attach and tow supplies or even small boats. 
  • Storage & Transport - Screecher can fold in half and fit in the back of cars with adequate capacity.  Folding also makes it easier to store.
  • Weight - ~120 pounds  

3.   How much does a Screecher cost?

Screecher Pedalcycle costs only $2500.  Similar concept vehicles announced by other companies are projected to cost $10,000 - $15,000 USD.  We believe the market is ripe for an affordable product. 

4.    Is the Screecher Pedalcycle your only product?

No.  We plan to launch additional products in the future.  A design for an autonomous tractor that handles planting, weeding, and harvesting is in the works.  We also have plans for a delivery van and two additional designs that we need to keep under wraps.  

5.    What are the markets and practical uses envisioned for Screecher?

  • Last mile transportation for the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market.
  • Leisure and light-exercise for adults 40+
  • Easy transportation around resorts, beach areas, master planned communities, and semi-dense suburban areas.
  • Clean, practical option for transportation in dense urban environments.
  • A primary means of transportation in the mega cities of India, China, Vietnam, Japan and elsewhere.
  • Utility vehicle to tow small trailers, boats, and other cargo 


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